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Sweet Escapes

How different countries celebrate fathers day.

What is Father’s day to us and where did it come from? The one thing we can all agree on is Father’s Day is a day of honouring fatherhood and everything they do for us. However, it is unclear who started Father’s Day off. In Catholic countries of Europe, it has been celebrated on 19 […]

What are letter box sweets?

What are letter box sweets? Letter box sweets are exactly what they say on the tin… Well box, they are a box that can fit perfectly through a letter box and are filled with sweets. Which means it’s contact free delivery once your order goes through you can sit back and relax and wait until […]

How well do you know your sweets?

There are thousands of sweets on the markets right now, but that doesn’t stop us having our favourites, or even reminiscing over the oldies! Each sweet has its own history and a story to tell. From jelly’s, to sour sweets, hard boiled to soft chews, fudges to lolly’s there really is something for everyone, if […]

A blast from the past!

There is nothing quite like when your senses help transport you back in time to some of the best days of your life…Yes were talking about your childhood. Those 10p mix ups brought so much joy at the end of the school day.   The human body is amazing and it’s often a pleasure when […]

Supporting small business’s

With over 5.9 MILLION small business star ups in 2020 you are spoilt for choice on where to shop, but it’s important now more than ever to support our friends, family’s or even a strangers new project, dream and livelihood. Throughout this blog I’m going to be explaining the WHAT the WHY’S, and the HOW’S, […]

The BIG night in!

It’s time to put your feet up and enjoy a BIG NIGHT IN with the fam, with cinemas not set to open until the 17th May that leaves 6 weeks to plan the ultimate Movie Marathon night. Depending on your company will depend on the film you’re going to choose, but with Netflix, Amazon […]

Whats Britain’s favourite sweet treat?

We are a nation with a sweet tooth, there is no denying it. In fact studies say the average brit chomps down on 1.5 tonnes of chocolate during their life time, that’s the weight of a female hippo. Yikesss ! But what treats really do keep up sweet? From Bourbon biscuits, Kitkat Chunkys, Magnum classics, […]

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