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Whats Britain’s favourite sweet treat?

We are a nation with a sweet tooth, there is no denying it. In fact studies say the average brit chomps down on 1.5 tonnes of chocolate during their life time, that’s the weight of a female hippo. Yikesss !

But what treats really do keep up sweet? From Bourbon biscuits, Kitkat Chunkys, Magnum classics, and a array of Sweets… what do you think has stole the nations taste buds? OF COURSE it’s SWEET’S! 

We’re going to take you on a journey of Britain’s 5 most popular sweets.

Hold tight your in for a tasty ride!!

In filth position you have the Great British Wine Gum! Now a question on many of our lips, why are the sweets called wine gums when they taste and look nothing like wine? A sources say the son of the London’s sweet shop owner Charles Gordon Maynard wanted to create a sweet that could be savoured like a fine wine. The ‘Wine Gum’ was born.


In fourth position you have the retro classic duo that are the Black Jacks and Fruit Salads! Now these have stood the test of time, with the Black Jacks having that strong aniseed/ liquorice flavour that turn your month black, followed with the better tasting (in my opinion) Fruit Salad chews, that are a unique pineapple and raspberry flavour, reminding me of a summer cocktail. 

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We’re getting there and now for third place, the Bonbon!! As you have probably guessed by the name these sweets are not English in fact they come from France, the word bonbon actually means ‘Good Good’ does the Bonbon get your vote?

Okay here goes, in a very closed second is the almighty Haribo Tangfastic.  The Haribo Tangfastic Provides a tangy sensation with the perfect mix of sweet and sour!

And now for first position the Sweet that has been on the UK shelfs since 1972, producing over 40,000 tons of chewy bears, cola bottles, fried eggs, love hearts and classic friendship rings….YES your absolutely right it’s the classic pick and Mix sweets  that are….. HARIBO STARMIX!!!!!


The beauty of Pick and Mix...

As a customer the beauty of pick and mix sweets is the large selection on offer, but sometimes choosing your favourites can all get a little overwhelming. If you are anything like me, you struggle to make a decision especially when there is food involved. With this in mind we carefully created our pick and mix sweet selection from a large variety of only THE BEST pick and mix sweets on offer, so you don’t have to waste any time pondering on the idea of what to choose, you can leave that to us, rest assured you’re in experts’ hands. Unfortunately, we can’t make all the decisions around here, and we have left one to you…What weight would you go for? We have something to cater for everybody from a mini 250g pouch, to a 1kg of letter box pick and mix sweets or you can step it up a notch and go for a whopping 2KG of pick and mix sweets!!! (plenty of other sizes and products you can choose from.)

So, what do we include in our pick and mix?

We like to change our selection up ever so slightly each week, we have regular customers, and we like to show variety in our pick and mix. But we always choose out of this mouth-watering bunch of pick and mix.

Saying that we do have our favourites and when I say we, I mean YOU guys! Pink and blue Bubble Gum Bottles are always up there on the requests, Sour Dummies are a popular one, Cola Bottles and Friendship rings.

Take a look at what you guys voted for on our Instagram poll.

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How do we know our customers love our selection of Pick and Mix?

Now don’t  just take our word for it, or our lovely customers. Go and check out our Pick and Mix sweet selection for your self! You wont be disappointed.


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