Retro box


WHAM! And just like that, we have our new retro sweet box, it’s the ultimate blast from the past, it’s guaranteed to bring back those nostalgic childhood memories.


Each box is carefully gift wrapped, beautifully packaged and designed to fit perfectly through the letterbox*, so no need to worry if the receiver isn’t home.

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What you will find inside:

  • 10x Black jacks
  • 10x Fruit salads
  • 2x Chupa Chups lolly’s
  • 1x Packet of Rainbow drops
  • 1x Packet of Haribo
  • 2x Liquorice wands
  • 2x Candy watches
  • 1x Candy sticks
  • 1x Wham bar
  • 1x Drumstick chew bar original
  • 1x Drumstick chew bar bubble gum
  • 1x Drumstick chew bar Rhubarb and Custard
  • 1x Swizzler love hearts
  • 1x Sherbet fountain
  • 1x Sherbet fountain strawberry
  • 1x Dib dap
  • 1x Double dip


This is the ultimate treat for yourself or a fantastic gift for a special occasion like somebody’s birthday.

Ohh! Let’s not forget you can also include a personalised note in this box, simply select gift note in the options above.

NOTE: If you have any allergies or dietary requirements, please refer to the product page to find out what ingredients are in the Retro box. Any further questions regarding dietary and lifestyle requirements please get in touch so we can advise you further.  

*Based on an average letterbox size: approximately 42mm height x 222mm width. Multiple boxes may require delivery by hand only.