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About Us

Hello everyone and welcome to Sweet Escape Sweets and Treats. We are a online sweet shop that helps you to send a little bit of sweetness through the post. Sweet Escape provides your favourite sweets presented in a beautiful letterbox friendly box, Perfect for a gift, midweek nibble or a special occasion.


Our Story:

We are a small business; created from kindness in the midst of the first lockdown back in May. After not seeing family and friends for what felt like decades, we wanted to send them something extra special in the post to cheer them up… this is when the idea of sweets in a box came into play.

Imagine it, the postman comes and drops the letters thought the letterbox and next to your usual bills appears a unexpected brown box. You stand there a little puzzled figuring out what on earth you ordered, you double check the label, it’s addressed to you… As you open the box you’re guessing what could be inside, the last thing you’re thinking of is sweets, right?! You open the brown box and you find something is perfectly tucked inside the pink tissue paper, it’s so beautifully packaged you don’t want to rip it open, but by this time you’re too excited!!! You tare back the pink paper and you see a box filled with dazzling sweets of all colours, shapes and sizes, not to mention the heavenly smell oozing from the box, it really is a sensory overload.

We can just imagine the smile it creates on a unexpected receiver’s face and the nostalgic childhood memories that come flooding back to them. We LOVE the surprise element and WE most definitely love how the kind gesture of a sweet box would have impacted their day.

It’s s the small gestures in life that make a big difference.

‘kindness is like sugar, it makes life taste a little sweeter’


Who are we?

Sweet Escape was created by myself (Lucy) and my partner Jonathan, We do all the daily tasks of the business and occasionally have a few extra hands on deck during our busy periods. We both come from the entertainment industry and have a lot of love for the arts and the events that surround them. Of course, that sector has been a thing of the past since the pandemic hit, leaving us with a lot of time on our hands over lockdown.

Now we know what they say, there are three things that you mustn’t do: work together, live together and go out with each other. We have broken all three rules, BUT that wouldn’t be the first time. We met when working on a touring circus together back in 2014, we then started our first business venture together ‘Glitz and Glam Entertainment’ an agency that supply’s a variety of entertainment form pop up shows and walk about entertainment, to hotel shows and circus big top acts. We already broke the rules twice, so there was no need to break what seemed like our tradition as well.

We can’t wait to share our sweet side with you.

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