Chocolate pick & mix Pouches


We can really POUCH for this one! We definitely have the best mixture of chocolate in our pouches. In fact, we have up to 2KG worth of your absolute favourite pick and mix, yep we called it and we can say it with confidence as we listen to our customers and shop with the most reputable stockists. You will find great melt in your mouth flavours with our  white, milk, and pink chocolate.  Lets name a few: mice, bears, buttons, jazzes, and choc cones …You want to know more? Head to our product page and see what other goodies you could find in your pouch.

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This re-sealable Pouch comes in four different sizes 250g, 500g, 1kg and 2kg. Making it the ideal sweet treat if your buying for yourself, perfect for Netflix & chill or your secret stash that nobody knows about, eat and simply reseal …that’s if you can tear yourself away from them.

If you have any allergies or dietary requirements, please refer to the product page to find out what ingredients are in the sweets. Any further questions regarding dietary and lifestyle requirements please get in touch so we can advise you further.

This product contains nuts and dairy.