Jawbreakers goody bag




WARNING! Not for the faint hearted.

If these aren’t children’s favourites we don’t know what are, Jawbreakers/ gobstoppers are known for their humongous size and variety of flavour. These are guaranteed to keep them quiet for a while.

The hard round sweets are often layered with multiple sugar shells, each layer will expose a different colour and flavour sensation, they are definitely one to get the taste buds tingling.


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In our Jawbreaker pouch you will find:

1x MONSTER jawbreaker on a stick

1x packet of tropical jawbreakers

1x packet of strawberry jawbreakers

1x packet of sour jawbreakers

1x ice BOMB

1x BIG sour zappers

1x packet of roller cola jawbreaker balls

1x JUMBO blue razz on a stick

1x JUMBO strawberry razz on a stick

1x packet of gum powder

1x MEGA double lollies


These are the perfect gift for any child…or big kid, you will definitely be the favourite aunt if you turn up with one of these pouches!


Warning: Some of the jawbreakers/ gobstoppers turn in to bubble gum, not suitable for small children.

Ohh! Let’s not forget you can also include a personalized note to be sent with the pouch, simply select gift note in the options above.


NOTE: If you have any allergies or dietary requirements, please refer to the product page to find out what ingredients are in the Jawbreaker pouch. Any further questions regarding dietary and lifestyle requirements please get in touch so we can advise you further.